Garage Conversion to a Gym

Garage conversion to Home Gym, in this project the client wanted to turn a garage with an old asbestos roof in to a home gym.

This involved taking the old roof off as per the guidelines for the safe removal of asbestos roofs and the safe disposal of such unwanted asbestos roofs.

Then joists were fitted the roof was made from ply-board and felted and the lead flashing restored.

Interior walls were created from stud partitioning, the plumbing taken care off, electrics and doors were installed and plastered, leading on to decoration and job completion.

The end result is a valuable addition to the property.

Such projects can be turned round in a few short weeks by our experienced team leaving you with a substantial improvement to your home.

If you would like to turn your draughty and under used garage in to a warm useful addition to your home please do get in touch on 07875 044 390 for a no obligation quote.

Garage Conversion To Office

Why not convert your garage or part of your garage to a home office where you can get properly organised. Even when the pandemic is over flexible working is going to be the norm in many people’s lives.